Jeff and Miles Galfer could never quite get along.  From early on, their competitive nature as brothers created an antagonistic undertone – one where the brother with the best grades, most friends, most impressed mother was for all intents and purposes, the better brother.  Photography was not much different.  Miles picked Nikon.  Jeff picked Canon.  Miles took classes.  Jeff opted out.  Miles chose to shoot the world, while Jeff focused his exploration closer to home.  And while their styles remain obviously and technically different, the act of shooting brought the two of them together in ways they never expected.  Today, they teach each other and elevate each others work, sharing their new found discoveries along the way.  This exploration showcases their differing perspectives as photographers; displaying that while they both see the world from unique viewpoints, their photos not only complement each other, but perhaps belong with each other.  These photos, taken from as far as Damascus and as near as Marina Del Rey, represent the progression of their friendship, their photographic relationship and their brotherhood.